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this is a community for anyone who loves beautiful
(machine-made) music.
12 moons, 2-raumwohnung, 38919/w, adult., aim, air, android lust., animals on wheels, aphex twin, aromabar, asian dub foundation, astral projection, astralasia, autechre, b.b.e., bass, bisk, blacklight, break beats, cassius, cex, chemical brothers, chi-a.d., chicks on speed, cirrus, commercial breakup, compilations, computerjockeys, cosmosis, crossover, crystal distortion, crystal method, cydonia, cylob, daft punk, dancing, der dritte raum, disco volante, dj kicks, dj shadow, drum&bass, dub, e*vax, ebtg, electric universe, electronic music, empirion, fantastic plastic machine, feeling the music, felix da housecat, fischerspooner, fm4 im sumpf, funk, future engineers, future lounge, goa, goa andi, golden boy, goldfrapp, gotan project, green velvet, gusgus, hallucinogen, hooverphonic, jega, kevin england, kosheen, kraftwerk, kruder&dorfmeister, lali puna, lamb, liftoff, lola rennt, looking back, lumen, luna park, makoto, massive attack, metro-sounds, mo horizons, moby, mono, mouse on mars, mum, mumbojumbo, neue heimat, noma, nu-moon, olive, orbital, oriental electronic, p.f.m, patchwork, phoney orphants, portishead, psyko disko, quirk, rantoul, remixes, requiem for a dream, rob dougan, robert miles, s.u.n. project, seba, seba&lotek, seelenluft, sensorama, shakta, slide, slinky wizard, smoke city, sneaker pimps, sofa surfers, spacecake, spacing out, spectral, spiral tribe, stardust, substance, subzero, sven väth, techno, telepopmusik, the avalanches, the krek, the overlords, the vienna scientists, thievery corporation, thunderball, tinitus, tosca, total eclipse, trance, tricky, triphop, tristeza, turntable rocker, uko, underworld, vibrasphere, x, x-dream, zero 7, zodiac youth